Veterinary medicine – more complex questions - financial and ethical considerations

We taught several students last year who were applying for veterinary medicine. The interviews tended to focus on broadly the same domains as medical school interviews. However, there are some important considerations. One of these is the financial impact of care. Whilst this is increasing becoming a consideration in deciding which treatments the NHS can fund, you are more likely to be exposed to such a consideration in a veterinary school MMI interview.

Here is an example question:-

You are the onsite vet at a leading dog event. One of the competing dogs is involved in an accident. You treat the dog onsite but unfortunately due to the severity of the trauma, the dog is unlikely to survive and will not be able to compete any more in any events. Speak to the dog’s owner, who has a financial stake, and his daughter, who has looked after and cared for the dog for most of its life.