UCAS Personal Statement Services in the UK for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine

  • The UCAS personal statement is your chance to show the admissions tutor why they should call you for interview at your choice of university.

  • You now have the opportunity for professional help on writing your statement with a doctor who is also a medical school tutor. Let our doctors hold your hand all the way through the process.

  • Every student is an individual with their own merits – we do not use generic templates


We are medical school tutors

We only use the best to provide you with training and feedback.

What areas can we help with?

  • We will check to see you have covered all the essential areas that most medical school admission tutors are looking for.

  • We will check for any content that could be negative for your application and advise you how to correct this.

  • We can help you remove statements that have no value and help you remain within the character limit.

  • We can help your statement flow better and engage the admissions tutor.

  • We can ensure you have given sufficient credit to all your personal achievements and how you can use them to enhance your application.

  • If you have certain medical schools in mind, we will check the public information available to date to ensure we don’t miss anything for that particular medical school.

  • We can help you with extenuating circumstances, for example medical conditions. We are fully qualified NHS medical doctors.


We cover all UK medical schools.

This includes English, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Ireland and private universities.

How can we help you?

  • In our UCAS Statement Checking Service, you e-mail your draft statement to us and we provide you feedback via e-mail on your submission.

  • You can also book a session with a tutor by telephone or Skype who can help you write your draft from scratch if needed. We ask you to e-mail us any thoughts you have to date before your session. After your session, you can then e-mail your final draft to us for checking.

  • All materials that you e-mail to us (including medical information) is strictly confidential and destroyed following completion of the service. We are doctors - expect the same level of confidentiality as in your own GP surgery.

  • For 2019 entry, we achieved over a 98% success rate for invitation for interview.


We can help you from scratch…

Book a session with a medical school tutor if you need further help.

What we cannot do for you

  • Please do not request that we write the personal statement in full for you. You will declare to UCAS that the personal statement is your own and you must write your application in your own words.

  • We are aware that there are other companies that claim to do this for you. Our advice is not to use them, both ethically and not to risk being caught out during the application process. In addition, there is simply no need to risk jeopardising your application in this way.

  • We expect the application to be written at a sixth form student level, not at a university lecturers level. We can tell in your interview if someone else has likely written your statement for you. That is why Blue Peanut helps you write your own statement in your own words.


Make sure you cover all vital areas…

Remove those that have no value.

How do I book this service?

  • If you choose the personal statement checking service – Please pick the ‘UCAS Personal Statement Checking Service’ and proceed to checkout. Please then send us your draft statement with booking details to support@bluepeanut.co.uk. We aim to get your feedback back to you within 7 days.

  • If you wish an appointment with a tutor, please e-mail us at support@bluepeanut.co.uk to enquire about availability. Once we have agreed a mutual time, please add the 'UCAS Personal Statement Check & Tutor Session' to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. After your tutor session, you can e-mail us your draft statement for feedback.

  • Please apply in good time. We close bookings when all our capacity is full.

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What is your refund policy?

  • We do not offer any refunds in any of our UCAS statement services. You are free to accept or reject any advice that we provide.

  • If we do not receive your draft personal statement by e-mail within 7 days of you booking this service we reserve the right to cancel the service without a refund.

  • If you do not answer your phone or Skype session, the tutor will attempt to contact you further for a total of 15 minutes from your allocated start time. We keep telephone and Skype logs of our attempts. If there is no further response, we will cancel the booking and no refund will be provided.

  • We cannot be responsible for failure in communications that is beyond our control.

  • If in the unlikely event the tutor is unable to make a session, we will offer you an alternative date and if this is not convenient we will undertake a full refund.