Medical School Interview - Communication Skills Stations

Medical schools are increasingly using live actors in MMI stations. A common scenario is where you have to use your initiative to resolve a conflict or a dilemma. From our knowledge of such assessments, the actor usually is briefed before the station and will have been told how to respond to what candidates say. They will usually not give away any information unless they are specifically asked.

The medical school is assessing your communication skills, as well as your problem solving skills and your ability to show empathy. These skills can be learnt and you may not have had practice at such stations in your sixth form to date. We teach how to respond in such stations in our medical school interview training.

Here are some example questions you can try. Use a friend or parent to simulate the actor.

  • You have a business meeting with your team at a top hotel. Your employer has booked the penthouse conference room for you on the 30th floor. Everything appears to be going well, until one of your friends expression changes to one of terror. He is afraid of lifts and is refusing to go with you. Deal with this situation.
  • One of the senior doctors has been rude to the trainee nurse several times today on the ward round. He is constantly criticising her loudly in front of patients and other staff members and is offering only negative comments. You are told by your friends this is a regular occurrence. He is also the doctor who is going to give you a reference. Talk to him about what is happening.