Private Medical School Interview Training by the UK’s Top Provider

Medical School Interview Training by the UK’s top performing provider. MMI and Traditional. 98.2% Success rate 2019 Entry with record numbers of students with 3 or 4 offers.

  • Can't make it to one of our day courses, or you wish personal tuition at home? We can provide the same training via Skype worldwide

  • We can also provide personal tuition in classrooms in East Lancashire, England

  • Sessions can be in the evenings and weekend UK time so your studies are not affected

  • You will be taught by Doctors who teach at UK medical schools. No one else does this.

  • We are open and transparent. Look at our testimonials from parents and former students.

  • Extensive online workbooks and support to help you with your revision.

  • Mock MMI circuit practice via Skype for every student with detailed feedback from medical school tutors

  • Our students report getting better than advertised offers and places on results day even with lower actual grades!

  • We also cover dentistry students with equally high levels of success.

Private Tuition
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Here is what we cover in personal tuition…

  • Personal assessment stations including your motivation for medicine and choice of medical school. Critique of your work experience, personal statement and knowledge of the qualities of a doctor including resilience and leadership.

  • Critical analysis and team working stations, including group exercises, practical tasks and data interpretation.

  • Your research for medical school and ethics. This includes GMC good medical practice, ethical principles, capacity and consent, conflict of interest and duties of a doctor.

  • Experience of NHS policy including and current hot topics.

  • Your knowledge of the medical school curriculum including teaching methods used at medical schools including PBL.

  • Communication skills stations. This includes empathy, consultation critique, simulated challenging colleagues and patients using role play. Breaking bad news and handling mistakes.

  • Dental students includes critical thinking and manual dexterity (in classroom training only)

  • Examples of the the 10% of stations that you cannot prepare for.

  • We will go over example marking schemes used by medical schools and highlight where candidates often make mistakes and how to put them right.

  • We will demonstrate techniques that you can use when you are stuck to try and salvage marks.


Is this training suitable for me?

  • This training is designed for students who are applying for UK medical school entry. We aim it for students in their second year of A-level but welcome anyone who wishes to learn. We can teach graduate entry candidates and those applying for foundation year medical programmes.

  • We can help students that are academically very bright but lack confidence in medical school interviews.

  • We can liaise and give expert feedback to parents and teachers regarding a student’s performance.


MMI Full Mock Circuit Training


  • We can tailor the session to your specific medical school. Sessions can be undertaken over Skype or in person in a classroom in Rossendale, Lancashire.

  • We offer 10 stations. Choose the duration of each station – usually between 5 and 10 minutes each, and the break periods – usually between 1 or 2 minutes.

  • The choice of topics will be based on your medical school. If they do not provide this, we will use our research to choose you the topic areas

  • We can simulate patients and actors in scenarios as well as use video streaming.

  • Practical and written scenarios can be simulated over Skype. If you pick a face to face classroom session, we will bring the equipment to do a practical scenario to the classroom

  • Includes a comprehensive feedback session at the end of your MMI Circuit. We tell you where you did not perform well and how to rectify this.

  • Typically the whole session will last 2 hours dependant on the ability of the candidate.

Our private training covers the same course content as our one day medical school interview course.

Why should you choose Blue Peanut for your training?

  • Based on our research, we cover over 90% of the curriculum used in UK medical school interviews. We cover Scottish, Welsh, N Ireland, English, Oxbridge and private medical schools. MMI and Traditional.

  • Our doctors teach medical students from UCLAN, Manchester and Lancaster medical schools. We have extensive experience in helping students that are struggling and need extra help or are academically gifted but lack confidence.

  • We could sit on the medical school interviews panels in which we teach but this is a conflict of interest. It is not fair for us to teach you and then interview you.

  • We welcome applicants at all stages of their career - from years 11,12,13 students to graduate entry candidates.

  • We cover over 50 topics, based on our own research as medical school tutors and feedback from thousands of students over the years.

  • Feedback has been positive from all our students as well as teachers and parents with satisfaction rates of over 99%. We have posted some testimonials for you so don’t take our word for it! We are a 5 star provider of medical education.

  • Last year (2019 entry) was our best cohort yet. A record 98.2% of students reported offers. Record numbers of students with 3 or 4 offers. Students having offers reduced from AAA to AAB because they did so well at interview. Come and join them with one of the most successful interview providers in the UK!


How do I book personal tuition?

Please book from the drop down menu below the number of sessions you wish to book and whether you wish training vis Skype or in person in East Lancashire. Upon receipt the tutor will contact you to arrange a mutually acceptable time to undertake your training. To cover the whole course will take approximately 8 hours of training.

If you have any questions or queries about our training, please contact us for an informal discussion on your learning requirements.

E-mail or telephone 01706 491146


  • We cannot offer any refunds on this training once payment has been made.

  • If you do not answer your phone or Skype session, the tutor will attempt to contact you further for a total of 15 minutes from your allocated start time. We will try both methods. We keep telephone and Skype logs of our attempts. If there is no further response, we will cancel the booking and no refund will be provided.

  • For a face to face session, the tutor will wait for a total of 30 minutes in the classroom.

  • If you are late for your session, your tutor may not able to complete your training in full.

  • We cannot be responsible for failure in communications that is beyond our control.

  • If in the unlikely event the tutor is unable to make a session, we will offer you an alternative date and if this is not convenient we will undertake a full refund.