Medical School Interview Questions - Free full MMI Circuit

Blue Peanut has released a full example MMI Interview based on current medical school interview trends. This session is best undertaken in pairs, with one person acting as the examiner, and the second the candidate. The questions do not involve any role play or practical tasks.

  • The examiner reads the question to the student. The station is a total of 7 minutes including the time the examiner takes to ask the question.

  • The questions have a degree of vagueness about them. This is deliberate as to allow a spectrum of responses from candidates.

  • The student may wish the examiner to repeat the question, or pause for thought. We would advise no extra time is allowed for this. This would therefore reduce the time the student has to respond.

  • The examiner is permitted to define terms or help clarify instructions should the candidate be uncertain.

  • Station 6 has a list that the candidate needs to read. This is allowed for in the time permitted. You may wish to print this list separately to show the candidate.

  • At 7 minutes, the examiner must stop. A pause of 1 minute should pass before proceeding to the next question.

  • No feedback should be provided during the MMI interview.

Station 1

In 2016 the United Kingdom held a referendum in which the majority of the electorate voted to leave the European Union. This may result in the restriction of free movement of medical supplies including pharmaceuticals. How will this affect the patient at your local NHS hospital?

Station 2

You are a junior doctor working a busy casualty department. There has been a major road traffic accident and the paramedics bring in three casualties. They are followed by the press. The first is a policeman; he has wounds to his legs but is talking to you. The second appears to be the criminal wearing a balaclava; he is unconscious. The third appears to be a pregnant lady; she is crying and telling you she is worried about her baby. Who would you choose to see?

Station 3

I can see you have been on work experience. Tell me about some of the qualities that a good medical student would exhibit that you observed.

Station 4

You are a medical student attached to a respiratory ward at your local hospital. One of the doctors is smoking behind the reception desk, with the porter, in full view of the patients. Outline how you would proceed from here?

Station 5

I assume you have read our medical school prospectus and had a look at our website. Tell me your views regarding the teaching methods we use at our medical school.

Station 6

You are a passenger who is the sole survivor of a train crash. The train is in the middle of nowhere and it is getting dark. You decide to start walking down the track to the next station. You have a look through the wreckage and find the following items. Which three items will you choose to take with you? (The candidate is to be shown the list printed separately)

  1. A box of matches

  2. A mobile phone. There appears to be no signal at the crash site.

  3. A bag containing crisps and a bottle of pop

  4. Some antibiotic tablets

  5. A Swiss army knife – it has basic tools

  6. A torch. It does appear to be working

  7. Some blankets with ‘first class’ written on them

  8. A pack of cigarettes

  9. A wallet containing £100 in cash. There appears to be no ID.

  10. Some toiletries

Station 7

You are a GP who is arriving at a nursing home to see some patients. Unfortunately you run over the resident’s pet dog in the car park. No one has apparently seen you do this and there is no CCTV. The animal is lifeless. What do you do?

Station 8

You are at the airport with your friends. You are all about to travel abroad for a holiday which you have been planning for several months. As you waiting at check in one of your friends receives a phone call. He looks very distressed and tells you the local hospital was on the phone. His dad has been admitted to intensive care. What do you do?

Station 9

Your local clinical commissioning group has just appointed a new medical director. Is it important that doctors demonstrate leadership and can you give examples of where you showed leadership?

Station 10

You are working as a health care assistant in a GP practice in a deprived area of the country. Several of the parents are refusing permission for you to vaccinate their babies. They are worried about the negative side effects of vaccines. The local council proposes we do not allow children who have not been vaccinated a place in the local schools. What are your views on this proposal?

End of MMI Circuit

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Actors in MMI Interview Stations - Some tips

Some students have been asking us about the actors that are used in MMI stations. They can simulate any third party, for example a patient, a friend or even a stranger. The subject of the station might not even be medical. Remember St Georges have indicated on their website they have a station involving you speaking to your neighbour having run over her cat.

Medical School Interview - Communication Skills Stations

Medical School Interview - Communication Skills Stations

Medical schools are increasingly using live actors in MMI stations. A common scenario is where you have to use your initiative to resolve a conflict or a dilemma. From our knowledge of such assessments, the actor usually is briefed before the station and will have been told how to respond to what candidates say. They will usually not give away any information unless they are specifically asked.