What do medical schools look for in your UCAS personal statement?

Each medical school has its own criterion for evaluating a candidate’s personal statement. It can be used purely as a tool to decide who to call for interview, and therefore which applications to reject. The medical school may use the personal statement as a proportion of the overall assessment process (for example it forms a certain percentage of your overall assessment, combined with a score for interview, examination scores etc.)

Each university has its own scoring system for the contents of the statement. Your first point of call should be to look at the medical school website and if it gives you any details on what assessors are looking for on a personal statement, to make sure you include this. 

We have created a list of what medical schools will commonly look for:-

  • Motivation for a career in medicine

  • Your research into the demanding nature and requirements for a career in medicine

  • Demonstration of the caring as well as scientific side of medicine, perhaps through suitable work experience.

  • Evidence of participation in activities which demonstrate teamwork, leadership and other communication skills essential for being a doctor

  • Your participation in a suitable range of extracurricular activities and interests

  • The presence of awards or achievements outside normal academia

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