Dental School Interview Questions - Medics also have a go!

Dental Schools cover a variety of topics when interviewing candidates. Most of the themes do overlap with medical school interviews, for example questions related to your motivation, ethical dilemmas and NHS policy. However, there can be specific questions relating to your knowledge of the practice of dentistry and its regulation in the UK. Questions relating to private practice rarely come up on medical school interviews, but are much more common on dental interviews.

Here are a further 10 questions for you to try in pairs, again taken from our bank of questions from our dental school interview course. You should aim to respond in a total of 7 minutes. Think about how you would structure your answer. Remember this is an oral exercise, so you must communicate your answer to the examiner in a clear, logical and concise manner. Good luck!

  1. There has been a shortage of NHS dentists in the United Kingdom for some time now. Your local NHS is travelling to Poland in an attempt to recruit dentists from abroad. Do you think this is an effective method of improving recruitment into NHS dentistry?

  2. Dentistry offers a multitude of specialities in which to practice. What is the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist?

  3. Every career has negative as well as positive aspects. What negative aspects about a career in dentistry concern you the most?

  4. Should dental practitioners be able to offer treatment which the NHS refuses to fund by charging patients?

  5. Some treatments in dentistry do not affect the function of chewing food, but more the physical appearance of a patient. Should such treatments be offered to every patient funded by the NHS?

  6. Dental school places are very competitive and we have to refuse candidates places very year. If we refused you a place at this dental school how would you respond?

  7. Why have you chosen to pursue a career in dentistry and not medicine?

  8. I assume you have looked at our prospectus and our website. What do you know about how we teach dentistry in the first year of this dental school?

  9. The dental health of the children in your local area is not as good as the national average. How would go about improving local awareness of dental health in this age group?

  10. Your local political party proposes in their manifesto that every student that completes a dental degree in the United Kingdom funded by the taxpayer works exclusively in NHS dentistry for a period of 7 years. What are your views on this policy?


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