Medical School Interview Questions - NHS Hot Topics

Medical school admission tutors expect you to stay up to date with developments in healthcare in the United Kingdom. Not only do you have to be aware of medical developments, but also developments in NHS policy. The questions are designed to be answered in a variety of ways and frameworks. There is often no one correct answer and the examiners will be looking at how you articulate and validate your responses.


Here are some of the example questions which we created for our students who are coming to our medical interview courses. Practice them under examination conditions, perhaps with a friend or parent. If you have a parent in the medical profession, then you may have an advantage on these types of questions. We suggest you spend no more than 7 minutes giving your answer.

  1. The current government is committed for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union soon. What effect would a ‘no deal’ Brexit have on the NHS?

  2. You are currently the foundation doctor working in a busy accident and emergency department at your local NHS hospital. The computer systems have just gone down meaning you are not able to see any investigation results for at least three hours. Does this cause any concerns for you?

  3. Recently a Scientist claimed he has genetically engineered babies before birth in order to prevent them contracting HIV. Surely this is a positive step forward for medicine? What are your views on this achievement?

  4. You are a GP in a busy NHS practice. One of your patients is suffering from cancer which is not curable. He tells you he is in agony with pain and asks you to help him die. Do you think his request is reasonable?

  5. Your local hospital trust has recently banned any communication with anyone by fax. They prefer doctors and nurses to use e-mail instead claiming that fax is an outdated method of communication. Do you agree with the view of the hospital trust?

  6. Childhood obesity is a growing problem for the NHS. The government recently added a tax on fizzy drinks in order to challenge high levels of sugar consumption. Do you think taxing what people eat is an effective way to improving health outcomes?

  7. The red book, also known as the personal child health record, is given to parents after childbirth. The government also wants this handwritten record to be available online to parents. What are your views on patients allowing access to their (or their children’s) records online?

  8. Your local clinical commissioning group has banned all prescriptions for the treatment of head lice, sunburn and common colds, stating patients should purchase these treatments (if needed) from chemists. Do you think this is a positive step?

  9. Your local hospital trust has brought in a policy to refuse some non urgent operations to patients above a certain weight. The neighbouring hospital does not have this policy. Which policy do you agree with?

  10. Your local primary school has adopted a policy where it will refuse to enrol children who have not had the MMR vaccine. Do you think vaccination for children should be made compulsory?


We teach current NHS hot topics and several other medical topics on our medical school interview course.

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