Actors in MMI Interview Stations - Some tips

Whilst most of you will be having your MMI Interviews after you submit your UCAS forms, there are some students having interviews in September and October 2018 (for example Buckingham medical school).
Some students have been asking us about the actors that are used in MMI stations. They can simulate any third party, for example a patient, a friend or even a stranger. The subject of the station might not even be medical. Remember St Georges have indicated on their website they have a station involving you speaking to your neighbour having run over her cat.

  • Actors can be current medical students but medical schools are often using professional medical actors in role plays.
  • They have to follow a given script and will not deviate from this
  • They will not usually volunteer information but will respond to your questioning and what you say. So sitting back and staying quiet will not work.
  • They will not be trying to deliberately hide things from you and you should assume anything they say is true
  • If they think you do not understand them, they can rephrase things to help you. 
  • Think carefully about the first statement that they say – it usually contains clues on what you should ask next. 

In our experience, most students perform poorly at these stations because they simply give the wrong answers or simply failing to grasp what the main issue was. However, being disorganised in your response as well as poor time management are also significant factors.