Medicine through UCAS Clearing – Which medical schools may have places?

Note: This article is for 2018 Entry

A-level results are going to be released in a few days time. Last year on results day students reported to us not being able to get through on medical school clearing lines in the morning, and reported applications had been closed in some universities by the afternoon due to the sheer number of applicants. Whilst I believe there is an element of unfairness about this, there are steps you can take to beat the rush.

Last year, as far as I am aware, three medical schools offered places through UCAS clearing – St George’s, Liverpool and Sheffield. It is likely the entry requirements for applications through clearing are unchanged from the earlier applications (i.e. same GCSE, A-level, entrance examination and interview requirements etc.)

I have gone through the medical school websites today (Friday 10 August) trying to look for evidence that the school could offer places through clearing. Some have an option to register an interest, so if you are in a position with no offers, but you feel you will meet the entry requirements of that medical school, I would do this now. Some even say they will ring you back on results day. Some medical schools don’t have any clearing pages on line yet. Others let you search for available courses and if medicine appears in the list, I have included it below. It if comes in the list but states ‘no vacancies’ I have not. It is likely this list will change by results day, but give yourself a head start. 

On results day, if you have just missed the grade, the first step should be to ring the medical school that you have offers from to see whether they may still be able to offer you a place. 

I am placing the links here over the next few posts so you can access the relevant pages, especially on results day, should the need arise. 

St George’s
Express your interest and register now!

Medicine is in the list of subjects that is available through clearing! Advance register now!

Has indicated medicine may be available through clearing. You need to e-mail or telephone 01752437333. Do this now!

Has an ‘enquire now’ status for medicine. So make an enquiry!

Has indicated places might be available through clearing. You need to ring 01782 733000. Do this now!


Has Medicine as an option on its ‘Check in now’ page. Complete this and they indicate they will call you back on Thursday 16 August!

Medicine is present in the list of subjects present in the search for clearing
You need to ring 0800 073 5050 from 7am on Thursday 16 August!

Medicine is in the list of subjects coming up in the clearing search. The websites states ring 0800 094 9071 from Monday.

Medicine is coming up in the list of courses available in the clearing search. It is not clear whether this is generic search or whether it indicates potential vacancies. You need to ring 01772 830777

I hope this helps you all in your search for medical school place.