I have an exercise for you today. Read the following extract from a (real) personal statement: -

"I want to medicine because I like biology. The way that the heart functional really fascinates me and I this has been the main reason why from a young age I wanted to become a heart surgeon. I did two weeks of work experience in a busy hospital where I saw doctors see patients on the ward round and also observed some operations. The doctors worked long hours, with few breaks. I also spent a week in Canada in a GP practice. Having worked in my father’s corner shop, I am used to long and unsociable hours and having to deal with difficult customers."

Now answer the following questions: -

  • Do you think this is a well-written or poor personal statement? Why?

  • What is the motivation for this student’s reason for applying for medicine? Do you think it is reasonable?

  • Do you think this student has demonstrated adequate work experience?

  • Do you think this student has demonstrated that he or she has some of the qualities and skills that would be useful as a medical student?

  • Can this personal statement be improved and how?

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