Medical School Interview Questions - MMI Circuit

Here are some example MMI stations for you to practice. You may wish to work in pairs for this activity with one student being the examiner and the other the applicant. This is a timed exercise. You have 7 minutes per station with a 2-minute break per station.


You are a medical student working in placement on a busy cardiology ward in a local hospital. You notice one of the junior doctors keeps going home early on a regular basis. He tells you not to mention this to anyone and says he will give you a good report at the end of your placement. The staff then has to call the on call doctor in the evening to finish off some of his work and this is happening several times a week.

What do you do next?


You are working on your own overnight in a busy hospital accident and emergency department. Two patients come in by ambulance. Both have been involved in a road traffic accident and appear to be unconscious. You recognise one of them as one of the general surgeons who works in the hospital. The paramedics tell you the other is a homeless person who was sleeping on the pavement when he was hit.

Which patient do you see first?


[Assume this question relates to your choice of medical school]

One of the most fundamental questions one has to ask is why you have chosen medicine? Why this medical school?


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