Interviews..... the agonising wait.

Medical School, Dental School and Veterinary School interview

Now that students have submitted their UCAS applications, many are awaiting University replies and hoping they will be invited for interviews. The wait is agonising, nail biting and often frustrating.

This time of year, we often get calls from distressed students and parents alike. They are asking us if they will receive interview offers; what if this and what if that? and such forth. Whilst we appreciate the nerve wracking situation our callers are in we try to counsel them just the same; don’t worry! You’ve done all the hard work and jumped the hoops of GCSEs, SQCs, A-levels, Advanced Highers, UKCAT, BMAT, work experience and such forth. As such, if you meet the university’s criteria, you will receive interviews.

That said, our advice is, use time constructively; prepare for interviews. So now the question becomes, how does one prepare for interviews? This is where we at Blue Peanut come in, we have been preparing students for university interviews since 2006, of our 2017 cohort of students, all got university offers and are now studying medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine at university.

So what one should be doing to prepare for interviews? At Blue Peanut, we advise our student to research the universities they have applied to; what are the strengths of those institutions? what are the potential challenges of studying at those universities? How do they teach their students? What are the courses like? Spend time reflecting on oneself; what are ones strengths and weaknesses, how do these skills and qualities make one suitable for a career in these professions. What are the significant and essential skills and attributes required in these careers? What key concepts and issues are important in such professions i.e. medical ethics and confidentiality, how can one understand and demonstrate navigation of such issues in an interview?

Above are just some areas of consideration in preparing for interviews. We discuss these and others in depth and context at our MMI courses which we deliver in person across many UK cities as well as remotely via Skype and Webinar.