Medical School Interview Questions MMI

FREE Medical School Interview Questions - MMI Stations

Here are some more FREE MMI stations for you to practice. You may wish to work in pairs for this activity with one student being the examiner and the other the applicant. This is a timed exercise. You have 7 minutes per station with a 2-minute break per station.

  • The examiner reads the question to the student. The station is a total of 7 minutes including the time the examiner takes to ask the question.

  • The questions have a degree of vagueness about them. This is deliberate as to allow a spectrum of responses from candidates.

  • The student may wish the examiner to repeat the question, or pause for thought. We would advise no extra time is allowed for this. This would therefore reduce the time the student has to respond.

  • The examiner is permitted to define terms or help clarify instructions should the candidate be uncertain.

  • At 7 minutes, the examiner must stop. A pause of 1 minute should pass before proceeding to the next question.

  • No feedback should be provided during the MMI interview.

Station 1

You are a doctor working in a busy accident and emergency department. A patient is booked in to see you. You have no records of his past history and no reason documented for his attendance. It transpires he is deaf and blind. How would you proceed?

Station 2

Medicine has a caring side as well as a scientific one. Tell me a situation, perhaps that you have seen in your work experience, where the caring side took precedence over the medical side?

Station 3

You are working on a medical ward in a busy NHS hospital. A tourist who is on holiday here in the UK is admitted critically ill and needing an urgent transplant. Without this the patient will not survive. The transplant is refused by the local NHS because the patient is not a UK resident. What are your views on this decision?

Station 4

One of the desirable qualities of a doctor is to show empathy towards patients. Why do you think this might be the case?

Station 5

You are the doctor on a busy medical ward. You have been asked to administer the first dose of a new antibiotic to a patient in case he has any adverse side effects. You administer the antibiotic, and all appears well. You then realise you have given the antibiotic to the wrong patient. What do you do?

Station 6

Unfortunately, it is an established fact that some students will not complete the first year at medical school and drop out of the course. How do we know you will not be one of them?

Station 7

The BMA is holding its doctors strike tomorrow. You are a junior doctor and have agreed with your fellow junior doctors to not come in to work tomorrow. You consultant rings you in the evening and asks you to come in tomorrow on the day of the strike as he is on his own on the ward. He also mentions your reference may not be ‘as excellent as it would be’ if you do not come in. How do you respond?

Station 8

Your local NHS has decided not to fund any future fertility treatments. It gives the reason that the country is overpopulated and there is no need to fund this treatment which it considers of low priority. Do you agree with this decision?

Station 9

We appreciate you have a choice of medical schools in your application. Why have you chosen to apply in particular to our medical school?

Station 10

We use a variety of learning methods to teach out students at this medical school. One of these is problem based learning. Do you think you are ready for this type of learning?

End of MMI Circuit

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